Multi Solution

We connect ideas, solutions and international markets to successful businesses

We will provide our customer an honest partnership, full commitment and latest knowhow that you will need to boost your business

Multi Solution has a team with experienced professionals in different business sectors and extensive international network of relationships

Our core services

Our job is to bring business ideas and technology innovations together.

Our key services are
MS Productization

The productization of the innovative IT Solutions.

MS Commercialization

The commercialization of the global IT Solutions for the international markets.

MS Holding

The development and management of the corporate and IPR portfolio.

IAX Network

Innovation Acceleration Expert finds and assists the potential innovation to reach even a global success in practicum. IAX is a part of the corporate team and a minority shareholder in the selected start-ups. IAX Partner Network guarantees assistance in the most important markets globally. The different IAX strategies are

From demo to product

From pilot to global distribution

From R&D Team to a successful enterprise


We have helped several companies to envision and build a strong foundation for their businesses. (Sold companies also included below.)


Our Team

Harri Majala
Chairman - Building industry

11 years experience
ICT, Building industry, Real Estate, Property Development
Sonell Oy

Jari Linna
Business Development

30 years experience
Several IT Companies like Jidea Oy

Sakri Viklund
Marketing and Communications

15 years experience in the US market
ICT, Game, Media

Mikko Perälä
Business development, Entrepreneurship

12 years experience
ICT and Sport
Several companies like Codemate, Topspot, Finnpartnership

Jussi Vepsäläinen
Service industry

12 years experience
Services, Automobile, Retail
Autokorjaamo Vepsäläinen & Care Finland

Ville Anttila
Process and mining industry

10 years experience
ICT, Mining and process
CRS Research Ltd, CRS Minlab Oy

Martti Kuusela
Team coaching

35 years experience
Team coaching for companies and football
in Finland, Belgium, Greece, Cyprus, Denmark and Hungary

“Leading and perfecting a top international team requires a well thought strategy, right values and committed players. All those attributes can be found from our team and that is why we succeed!”

Martti Kuusela - co-owner of Multi Solution and the most successful Finnish football coach of all time

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